What Students are Saying

"I honestly can't think of anything that wasn't valuable. Pace, professionalism, friendliness, value, and shooting all fantastic"

-Margaret H. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Great class, informative, teacher knowledge was excellent"

-Jason S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


-Robert G. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Instructor was knowledgeable about topic, 5 out of 5, Strongly Agree"

-Sam G. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Training content was valuable and I can use it in real life, 5 out of 5, Strongly Agree"

-Pat P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative and useful" 

-Alexandria R. (Active Shooter Defense) 

"Good information. I particularly liked the focus on the 'how to' aspect of the course" 

-David K. (Active Shooter Defense) 

"His explanations were excellent" 

-Johanna C. (Active Shooter Defense) 

"Well done. Valuable" 

Michael M.  (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"It was good, thorough, and well presented. Super professional and approachable" 

Jeff B.  (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Overall great class. Good fundamentals" 

Avery H. (NRA First Steps Pistol) 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the First Steps class…You have a great teaching style. Thank you!"

Sherry E. (NRA First Steps Pistol) 

"Outstanding class. Mr. Arroyo is an excellent instructor. Great review of fundamentals while introducing advanced techniques." 

Avery H. (Defensive Concealed Carry) 


James H. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"EXCELLENT. I have more confidence now. I recommend Louis. You won't regret it."

Ted P. (Private Training)

"In one class I learned all the necessary basics of firearms and their safe handling. A very comprehensive and effective course."

Isabel K. (NRA Home Firearm Safety)

"Very comprehensive."

Mark C. (Defensive Concealed Carry)

"Good atmosphere. Knowledgeable teachers."

Fernando C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"EXCELLENT! Very knowledgeable in the subject"

Eric S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Worth taking. Informative. Entertaining."

Geoffrey S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Great class. Learned a lot. I liked that we worked with guns and instructors."

Alissoulae P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"I enjoyed the class."

Jena C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"It was really good."

Noelberto M. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very logical and understanding. Very helpful."

Wilfredo C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"It was good. Lots of great info. All helpful."

Sara R. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative and all my questions and doubts were answered."

Jorge T. Jr. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative. Great instructor."

Gerald W. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Instruction and the trainer's explanations were really good."

Jorge T. Sr. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Me parecio muy interesante. Aprendi muchas cosas importantes."

Miguel H. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


Jack C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"I learned many things about self-defense and using a weapon that I had no idea about prior to the class. The class was loaded with good information".

Kris C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Excellent class. Very informative and very thorough".

Andrea H. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety & Use of Force)

"Great Class! Learned a lot!"

Zachary D. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative. I would definitely recommend to others."

Tina C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very well organized and explained very well".

Rita V. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Really enjoyed it. Lots of questions that were answered".

Alex V. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"The class was very well presented".

Elsie R. (NRA Home Firearm Safety)

"The class was excellent! Very educational and informative; as I knew absolutely nothing about firearms. Louis took the time to answer my questions".

Rosa T. (NRA Home Firearm Safety)

"The hands on training scenarios were very well presented.  I'm sure I will be able to use what I've learned here at the range".

Bill R. (NRA Range Safety Officer)

"Very informative. Easy to understand".

Rick F. (NRA Range Safety Officer)

"Great trainer. Super well explained".

Christian C.  (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Well explained".

Francisco J. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"The class was very comprehensive".

Michael B. (NRA Basic Pistol)

"Excellent. Efficient".

Bart W. (NRA Range Safety Officer)

"Great course. Learned a lot of valuable information".

Scott B. (NRA Range Safety Officer)

"Good participation".

Nick E. (NRA Refuse To Be A Victim)

"Very good information. Instructor very knowledgeable".

Pat P. (NRA Refuse To Be A Victim)

"A wealth of information and great stories!".

Isabel K. (NRA Refuse To Be A Victim)

"Super informative - Many new areas of thought".

Sherry E. (NRA Refuse To Be A Victim)

"Very informative".

Jessica S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative - instructor very knowledgable".

Lisa S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative. Well-rounded. Covered various aspects of responsibilities & consequences".

Phaya V. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very informative and educational. Very much enjoyed".

Leah H.


Dave D. (DFT Defensive Pistol)

"Fun! Love the obstacles".

Daniel B. (DFT Defensive Pistol)

"Great! The class gave me many new ways of responding to close proximity defense".

Daniel B. (DFT Close Distance Defense)

"Very thorough. Lots of great techniques and information".

Shane M. (DFT Close Distance Defense)

"Fantastic course. Learned a lot. Thanks!"

Cory Z. (NRA Defensive Pistol)

"Great to understand different shooting positions".

Daniel B. (NRA Defensive Pistol)

"I thought it was a well prepared and informative class".

Domingo C. (WI DOJ Firearms Safety)

"Very informative"

Phayung L. (WI DOJ Firearms Safety)

"Very thorough and knowledgeable in training materials"

Frieda P. (WI DOJ Firearms Safety)

"Louis took what is potentially a dangerous topic to instruct and made it safe, VERY educational, and fun.  I learned so much during this class, that I know I will have to practice on my own to get anywhere near proficient. I look forward to taking more advanced classes to further my skills. If your only training has been a CCW class, you really need this.  It will teach you HOW to shoot.  I highly recommend it."

Bill R. (DFT Defensive Pistol)

"Class was awesome! The instructor was very detailed and specific with what we were expected to know and perform. I was looking to better master my pistol and was surprised at how much I improved in a few relative hours!"

Daniel B. (Massad Ayoob MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"Good beginner course"

Arnold L. (Defensive Stick & Flashlight)


Daniel F. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Great info. Louis took time to make sure we understand the importance and responsibilities of carrying a gun. He spoke to us in an understanding manner and not make it it hard or confusing to understand".

Paul L. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Good information to have in present times".

Shane M. (Active Shooter Defense)

"With all the recent events in the news I think it is important to learn about why mass shootings occur, how to prevent them, and how to respond and defend yourself if and when they do happen".

Isabel K. (Active Shooter Defense)

"Pertinent & timely info...exactly what I was looking for".

Jennifer M. (NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Personal Safety)

"Loads of information. It makes me appreciate my husband who keeps me safe!"

Karla S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Very comfortable in a situation that can be tense".

Erica K. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"I think it was very helpful to understand the law side of WI CCW".

Erica S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Really interactive and comprehensive".

Shelby W. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Well done".

Dawn W. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Excellent real-life experience presented".

Ronald S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Excellent. I will tell others about it".

Jenni S. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


James B. (NRA Personal Protection in the Home)

"Very informative".

Thomas K. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Todo es clara y verdadero. [Louis] es buen instructor".

Francisco C. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Good pace, very knowledgeable on subject".

Bonnie K. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"It was very well taught and kept me interested".

Carrie K. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Great class. Great instructor".

Paul K. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Loved it and my wife learned a lot".

Roger M. (NRA Pistol First Steps)

"It was informative".

Kelsey M. (NRA Pistol First Steps)


Linda K. (DFT Basic Pistol)

"Very informative".

Sharon D. (DFT Basic Pistol)

"Good basic info".

Tom K. (DFT Basic Pistol)

"Fabulous & excellent introduction to gun safety and CCW Law".

Jennifer M. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Louis did a great job with our defensive pistol course. He has outstanding skills for teaching and training. He also is the kind of guy you would be proud to call a friend".

Michael L. (NRA Defensive Pistol)

"Very useful".

Lawrence M. (NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home)

"Louis tells you what works and why it works. Get him as your firearms trainer!"

Shane M. (NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home)

"Louis' June 5 class (NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home) was an all around excellent experience. New information and new or improved skills learned, and a couple of not-so-good habits were gently corrected. Thanks much."

Randy F.  (NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home)

"DFT teaches solid fundamentals in Defensive Rifle; from proper stance to grip to transitions and always with safety paramount. This class was both challenging and exciting".

Shane M. (DFT Defensive Rifle)

"I enjoyed and learned more again in the last 2 days.  Simple things like trigger pull and the "concept of relating it to touching your nose."  Sounds crazy, but simple things like that help one envision the physical aspect of trigger control enough to improve and work on in the future. I will look forward to any future training from Defender Firearms in the future.

Arnold L. (MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"Great info on use of force and real world use of a firearm".

Thomas P. (MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"This was my second DFT class and even better than the first one!"

Randy F. (MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"Highly informative. Seems appropriate for real world application".

Jonathan K. (MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"Very valuable class. Learned all the basics to give me a good foundation to be responsible gun owner. Class was fun too!"

Donna P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Louis explains things so you can easily understand them. He teaches and explains until you understand".

Mark P.  (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"I expect my instructors to be able to teach. DFT did not disappoint. Excellent class. Excellent instructor".

James B. (MAG-20 Defensive Pistol)

"This was my first live fire experience. Louis' instruction/methodology was easy to follow, understand, and replicate in real life. He was thorough, always with an emphasis on safety first. For those people interested in becoming proficient in the safe use of a handgun for personal protection, I highly recommend DFT. Louis is very patient, extremely knowledgeable and highly motivated to teach his students the proper use of handguns. Thanks Louis!"

Jennifer M. (DFT Basic Pistol)

"Excellent! Everyone serious about shooting & safety ought to take this class!"

James B. (NRA Range Safety Officer)

"Excellent. Very knowledgeable instructor. Great class!"

Dan P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


Chelsea W. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


Anthony P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Training content was valuable and I can use it in real life - 5 out of 5".

Tina B. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Learned a plethora of subjects including safety, handling, and responsibilities".

Stephen M. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"It was a good class with good examples".

Michael G. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

Liked the open discussion and various scenarios discussed to better understand".

Kimberly G. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

Great class. Would like to proceed with more training".

Steve G. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"The setting for the class is very comfortable and the instructor really made me feel at ease".

Cipriano P. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)


Andrew J. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)

"Louis is extremely knowledgeable and class was very helpful".

Kelli D. (WI DOJ Firearm Safety)